Twidget – View Tweets on Lock Screen

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Twidget Twidget is a sweet application that allows you to view tweets on your lock screen. When you install Twidget, it will add an icon to your SpringBoard. When you launch the app, you will need to enter your Twitter info. Next, you will need to go into WinterBoard and activate Twidget.

Once you have entered your info and activated Twidget via WinterBoard, you can lock your iPhone or iPod Touch. You should see a menu bar with the options; Friends, Own, Replies, Favorite and Refresh. You will also see a bar indicating that your tweets are loading. The first time it took quite a while for my tweets to load acutally, I ended up deactivating and reactivating it in WinterBoard and then it went. Once your tweets load, you are able to view your most recent 10 tweets by your Friends, your own tweets, your @ replies and your favorites. You can also refresh the tweets using the refresh option. Sometimes it refreshed really quickly, other times it took a while….usually it is pretty quick. [Read more…]

Edit Excel Files on the iPhone

Mariner Software is bringing a long awaiting application to the AppStore. Mariner Calc for the iPhone is an application that allows you to edit Excel documents right on your iPhone.

“According to Michael Wray, president of Mariner Software, the program is 80 to 90 percent complete and will include a number of impressive features, including the ability to view and edit Excel files in their native file format—no conversion needed. The CocoaTouch application will support spreadsheets up to 1,000,000 rows and 32,000 columns in size, as well as multiple sheets per document. It will even include support for charts and objects.

The application is not quite finished yet and there is no indication of how much is it going to cost however, I have a feeling this is going to be an anticipated application especially among the business realm. [Read more…]