Not new or updated…just moved!

There have been a ton of apps in the Installer lately that are not actual updates but just apps being moved/added to other sources. This can be slightly confusing because when you see an app in the Recent Packages…you assume it is new or at least an update. That is not always true, it could just have been added to another source. Below is a list of apps that have recently been moved/added to another source but not updated.

collageCollage version 2.1 – Added to AppTapp Official source. Developer’s source is the iApp-a-Day source.

cubeworldCubeWorld version 0.0.57 – Added to iSpazio source. Developer’s source is the source.

iblackjackiBlackjack version 5.2 – Added to iPod Touched source.

mobiletwitterMobileTwitter version 1.41 – Added to Ste Packaging source. Developer’s source is the source.

ttrTTR version 1.4 – Moved to AppTapp Official source.

wallpaperWallpaper version 2.2 – Added to AppTapp Official source. Developer’s source is the iApp-a-Day source.

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  1. I was wondering: Could this be what’s happened to “Air Hockey” thru ISpazio?

    I had 2 restore & re-jailbreak not once but twice yesterday (First time was becuz of a bad app with Customization, second time becuz 4 some reason, even tho I had updated ITunes, for some reason, it only restored my phone to 1.1.3 the first time.) I used ZiPhone both times. The weird thing is that some of the things that should’ve been wiped, weren’t (Such as certain settings I had done, where I had placed icons on the Springboard etc. As well, with the ZiPhone jailbreak I did about 4 weeks back, I could download apps to my heart’s content, without using BossTool (Had absolutely no space issue).

    However, I had to use Boss Tool with this current re-jailbreak yesterday becuz I kept running out of space. I had the same number of apps on my phone prior to yesterday’s restore as I did with the restores I did yesterday & I never got a warning that I was running out of space.)

    Anyways (sorry for the long story), I can’t seem to download Air Hockey now, altho I had it running fine on my phone b4 the restore. When u go to more info, a big message pops up saying “Not Found-the requested URL/iphone/airhokey.html not found on this server”.

    Does anyone know what happened to it?
    Happy Monday,
    Mystique :)

    • Yes…AirHockey is available through the iSpazio source. But, I think it always has been!

    • Thanx Brooke.
      However, when u go to the ‘more info’ on Air Hockey, that’s when u get the message saying “URL not found”.
      Plus, when I downloaded the game 2 weeks ago, I didn’t have a problem downloading it.
      But yesterday & today, when I download it, it downloads, until the very end, then: that’s when it says “Error Download”.
      I couldn’t understand why this is happening, since it worked fine before & I know in the past, when I’ve checked the ‘more info’ button, it always went to the ISpazio page.
      Has anyone else had this problem?
      Actually, Brooke, you’d be the perfect person to ask, especially since you’ve just restored to 1.1.4. Have you been able to download the ‘Air Hockey’ game yourself?
      Thanx so much for writing back Brooke. I sincerely appreciate your feedback,
      Mystique :)

    • I get an error in the More Info on almost all of iSpazio’s apps. Also, I just tried to install AirHockey and I got a Package Error Download as well. I was able to download other apps so, it has to be something with his repo. Iw ill try again tomorrow.

    • Thanx Brooke! I really appreciate u giving it a try also! I really liked this game as I’ve made a friend @ Physio who likes to play this game with me.
      Hope u have an awesome day today,
      Mystique :)

  2. I CanĀ“t Find the “iPod Touched Source” any one can help me?

  3. the source for iBlackjack you have listed here is iPod Touched source. when you go to the link, it takes you to the page with numerous sources
    iPod Touched source is not listed here.
    What is the address for this source?

  4. i found it (it was listed on
    the address is

  5. Sorry about that guys…I’m sure what the deal was. It was on there before…I re-added it to the list.

    • I had to restore to and cant get the ipodtouched sourse to go back on..Is it the correct url???

  6. Hi Brooke,

    Now that you are on 1.1.4, may I ask what SMS forwarding app are you using? Coz I seen to have this problem in Wetool wherein the preferences were not saved everytime i set it. Thus, I always get numbers instead of names in the call and text logs. Also noticed that Wetool could not forward long messages. I would prefer SMSD but have you tried it in 1.1.4? Your response will be greatly appreciated. thanks!

  7. Karla Redig says

    I have noticed this problem which you brought up. At the present time, I am experiencing a different problem with Time Capsule. I have version 0.23b1 installed since I have donated and acquired a license.At the Installer, there is an update to version 0.22b1 created by . This morning these 2 versions were up for update. Obviously I updated to the 023b1 but I keep getting an update message because of the other one. What do you recommend in order to stop receiving this message, since if I leave it there, I will no longer be able to use the Update All option. Thanks and keep up the excellent work.