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AppStore After spending some time in the App Store and getting a feel for it, I realized that there are not a huge amount of applications avilable in the App Store…a lot of them are even in multiple categories. What I also noticed is that there were quite a few Installer applications in the App Store (or apps very similar). Below is a list of the applications that I saw in the App Store that are also available in the Installer. I also included how much the app costs via the App Store. Let me know if you notice any others that I may have missed.

Alarm (a self-defense/emergency alarm with a freefall detector) – Free
Band (collection of virtual instruments) – $9.99
Crosswords (puts crossword puzzles on your iPhone) – $9.99
Drummer (drum emulator) – $4.99
Dactyl (defuse the bombs before they blow up) – $0.99
Funambol (over-the-air backup and synchronization of iPhone contacts) – Free
iFob (social networking app that informs you when you are near other iPhone users) – Free
Karajan (a music and ear trainer for the iPhone) – $14.99
Labyrinth (classic labyrinth) – $6.99
Light (turns your iPhone into a flashlight) – Free
MobileFlickr (flickr navigating application) – $2.99
Moo (plays animal sounds when you shake your iPhone) – Free
MPG (keep track of a variety of expenses for your vehicles) – $0.99
OmniTuner (aka Funiculus) (tuner for a variety of instruments) – $4.99
PhotoDial (allows you to call someone by selecting their photo) – $14.99
Pianist (piano simulator) – $5.99
Sketches (etch-a-sketch on steroids) – $7.99
SuperPong (block-blasting pong game) – $2.99
T4Two (game based on pong) – Free
TapSterio (Change the frequency of the tone by sliding the ball around the screen) – $0.99
TapTheBeat (allows you to tap out a beat on a touch pad and it then gives you the tempo in beats per minute) – Free
ToDo (simple todo list) – Free
Trism (similar to bejeweled…only cooler) – $4.99
Tipper or Splitter (bill splitting/tip calculating applications) – $0.99
Voice Notes (record audio notes) – $9.99
Yes/No (when the app opens you will either get a screen displaying a Yes or a No) – Free
ZIPcodes (allows you to look for zip codes in multiple countries) – Free

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  1. i believe voice notes is stolen from erica’s voice notes and she sent them a C+D letter. not sure though. maybe check

    • Yes, I saw that on her website as well.

    • Erica , Did not publish the source code of her App or any other App, so why they call that steal, is the idea of taking voice note is owned by Erica? or Did Erica the Owner of the Name Voice Note

    • tarek mansour must be the developer of the other voice recording applications on App store that got C+D letter from erica.

      I’m sure there are ways of accessing code besides when someone publishes it.

  2. Dactyl – $0.99 (you have to do a search for it–apparently the app store categories aren’t working properly)

    OmniTuner (aka Funiculus) – $4.99

  3. spoonforknife says

    Drummer is not the same Drummer by Mark Terry / Moo Cow Music.

  4. karmageddon says

    yeah, i cant believe they are charging 8 bucks for sketches! Are you kidding me!

    • does sketches 0.7b6 have an expiry date on the old iphone?

    • karmageddon says

      right before i got firmware 2.0 on my ipod touch, i updated sketches through Hebrew and it worked fine.

    • i tested it by setting maually the date two years forward… and sadly… opening sketches would pop up “beta version expired”.

  5. Yeah, I’m definitely not upgrading anytime soon. There’s no way I’m going to start paying that much for apps I’ve had for free for months now.

    • in fact, i am saddened many of the “free” apps on installer have moved to appstore. if i count the freewares i have on my old iphone, think they may worth couple hundred bucks?!

  6. Labyrinth – $6.99

  7. Ricardo Felix says

    You forgot TTR!

  8. lots of these have updates

  9. that’s minds: there’s no updates for this apps on installer apps, And they could dissapear from installer ???? //:sorry for my bad English.=)

  10. wheres the video recoreder u guys think they’ll let it on there?????

  11. I think 5,99$ for Pianist or 7,99$ for Sketches is too much. These are old Apps and we have them for free in Installer. I think i will wait with Updating my iPhone to OS 2.0 a bit longer now!!!

    • hahaah thats right,,
      a pencil and a notebook would cost u < 7,99$ Sketches apps
      i dont think am going to update my iphone ,, am satistied with these free apps :):P

    • same… i value all the existing apps on my iphone….

  12. well i havent been able to download itunes 7.7 because it gives me an error apparently is my windows xp pc…:-(
    there any app like iflix(the one that works with netflix and how much it is)

    • videoflyer says

      That’s one of the few I’m waiting for, as well. Plus, I just plain like iZoo better than Popcap’s Bejeweled…

  13. I believe that everything that is availibale on the appstore will be able on the installer in no time . shabame.

  14. VoiceNotes is wayy expensive !
    Errica Sadun finally makes money $

    BTW, I dont see Funambol in there…..

  15. Wll, I found something that will make everyone feel better…

    Search for Tap Tap Revenge on iTunes and you will find it is completely FREE!

  16. I can feel it now, people Are going to realize how much money they are making in the app store and start making the apps in installer all trial versions.then tack on a price in installer as well. Please lets hope im wrong

    • Negative app store comments on former Installer apps (“Used to be free…1/5 stars) have sent a message to developers that they are being punished for having released an app to the JB community. So I seriously doubt this will happen.


    if they can get through this mornings update and activation

  18. Ambrosia says

    no wonder i couldn’t find mobile flickr in installer!
    :( that was my favorite app…

  19. this is really pissing me off. my ipod when trying to upgrade, it trys to load the itunes store when u press (learn more) and then says “the itunes store is unavalible”. but when i go to the itunes store manualy it works. how can i update my ipod?


  21. iPhone Developer says

    Hey, what are a few bucks for an application where a developer spend hundreds of hours developing it? Lets make a calculation:

    An app sold for $9.99 =>

    Apple gets 30% then there is $6.99 left

    Then pay 30% taxes to the us tax office => $4,89 left

    So, when It took about 500 hours to develop and we calculate $20/hour which is nothing for a programmer then the developer spend $10000 to develop the program.

    That means, the developer have to sell 2044 copys to get the costs of his work back.

    This is maybe possible on popular apps like games. But there are lots of special apps where it is not possible to sell so much.

    Think about this before to about the prices!

    And for those who think that a 2.0 Jailbreak brings all the old “free” Applications back, I just can say: This is a dream. Developers who are developing for AppStore will not adopt their apps for 2.0 jailbreak and the old 1.1.4 jailbreak apps will not work on 2.0. So you have two choices:

    1. Stay on 1.1.4 and use old apps
    2. Update to 2.0 and use new apps and pay for the hard work of the developers.

    an iPhone developer

    • Yes well that is all well and good, but what about the applications that are available in installer and not in AppStore? How do we get those!

    • iPhone Developer says

      I say nothing about installer and jailbreak. It is good that these things exists. I also have a jailbroken iPhone. But I can’t understand the people who say that a few bucks are too much for an application.

      if you want the applications which are not available in AppStore but in Installer, you need to stay on 1.1.4 right now. It will take time until the developers adopted their apps so they run on 2.0

  22. Versus Chess == NetChess (Online Multiplayer Chess)


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