BigBoss’s Steps to Disabling Edge on 3.0 Firmware

Guide BigBoss recently posted an article on how to disable Edge on the 3.0 firmware. The steps below are still in the testing phase but, if they work, he will be integrating it into the Edge toggle in SBSettings. Below what he has to say and the steps.

Disabling EDGE on iPhone v3.0 has been very hard. It’s still not certain, but after some testing and user reported success (a big thank you to Jorge Rendon!). The main reason the EDGE toggle in SBSettings and BossPrefs hasnt been updated is because I have not known what it takes exactly to disable EDGE on 3.0. The problem is that the OS reenables it. If you “mess up” your APN, the OS goes crazy trying to enable it draining your battery in about 90 minutes from full charge. So that’s not the way either. These steps do seem to work, however. Give them a try. If the reports are mostly positive, I will integrate this into the EDGE toggle.

1) Open settings app and disable Notifications. These appear directly under carrier, if you have them. They only appear if you have installed an appstore app that requires push. If you don’t have these, skip this step.

2) Disable push mail fetch.

3) Disable EDGE using SBSettings

4) Load settings app, enable airplane mode. Wait at least 10 seconds.

5) Load settings app and disable airplane mode. Wait for you to get service again.

6) Load SBSettings. You should have no Data IP (IP N/A).

7) Try using safari on Data. It should fail. Wait a bit, Load SBSettings your data IP should remain N/A.

Feel free to test this. If you get a Data IP address, you have indication that your Data may be getting reenabled. I am interested in the results of this.

Most likely a reboot
of iPhone will retain the state.

Check out the full article HERE.

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  1. I got 2 iphone on my plan one iphone 3gs with data plan another one is iphone 2g without data plan since its the old one which i gave it to my gf after i got iphone 3gs. My last month bill came like $100 more then the usual bill as it specifies on bill my gf used data from iphone2g, but before i gave her that phone i called at&t and have data package disable. If she mistakenly uses internet without wifi it gives message internet cannot be used, but i was surprised how in the world it was showing she used 16mb of data on that line. But after talking to customer service they deducted that amount from my bill.It shows data ip address is n/a under sbsetting.

  2. Why would we want to disable edge? Is it strictly for the battery drain? Because that seems like a problem you wouldn’t have very often.

    • Same question here…

    • The reason we want to disable EDGE is because some service providers charge a very expensive price for data usage.

      Sometimes when you are using your iPhone to surf the web using a WiFi connection, if the connection is poor, the phone automatically jumps over and uses the EDGE data. You may not notice this and continue surfing. When your bill comes later, you will notice a huge charge for data – when you thought you were using a FREE WiFi connection.