BigBoss’s Steps to Disabling Edge on 3.0 Firmware

Guide BigBoss recently posted an article on how to disable Edge on the 3.0 firmware. The steps below are still in the testing phase but, if they work, he will be integrating it into the Edge toggle in SBSettings. Below what he has to say and the steps. [Read more…]

Firmware 3.0 Jailbreak and Unlock Info

DevTeam It seems the DevTeam is gearing up for tomorrow’s release of firmware 3.0 and Friday’s release of the iPhone 3GS. According to their website, they will be doing a live demo of the 3.0 unlock, yellowsn0w, later tonight just before the release of the 3.0 firmware. In the demo you will see the new yellowsn0w and how the unlock works on all 3G iPhones. For a link to the feed you will need to check @MuscleNerd on Twitter.

Below is what the DevTeam has to say about the firmware 3.0 jailbreak: [Read more…]