FiveIRows Update – Now Compatible with Five Icon Dock

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

FiveIRows FiveIRows has been update to version 1.5. The update now makes FiveIRows compatible with the Five Icon Dock mod. Very good news for some of you! You can get the update to FiveIRows via the MacCiti source. [Read more…]

FiveIrows – Five Rows of Icons on your SpringBoard (six counting the dock icons)

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

FiveIrows I know many of you are patiently waiting the release of the FCSB (which has technically been released in Cydia just not by the actual developer). Well, while you wait, you could try out the FiveIrows mod. This mod allows for five rows of icons (technically six if you count the icons in the dock).

When installed, it will automatically adjusts your icons so that you are able to fit five rows on your SpringBoard. It also adds a theme to WinterBoard called FiveIRows Page Dots which will also adjust your page dots to fit better with the five rows of icons. I also noticed that when installed, it stops your icons from wiggling when in “move” mod. Not a huge issue but, reminds me of a lot of other mods of this type…they all seem to stop the wiggling. [Read more…]