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Facebook Facebook 3.0 has been out for three days and we are already hearing about the features that the 3.1 update will include (actually, we have been hearing about 3.1 since before the 3.0 version was released!). According to an interview with Joe Hewitt, the developer of the iPhone Facebook app, he is working on a few cool new features. Below is an outline of a few of those new features.

Contact list synchronization between your Facebook friends list and your phone’s contact list. “It’s a Terms of Service thing more than a technical limitation,” Hewitt said.

Push notifications. “We are working on push,” Hewitt said last night. “I plan to have it in the next major update, the 3.1. It will be the same kind of notifications you get on the website. I probably won’t right off the bat give you chat notifications. If you’ve ever used Facebook’s SMS notifications, you can have pretty granular control and it will be the same level of notification in terms of whose notifications you see and what categories you see.”

Saved, site-wide search. On the Facebook website you can now search across public updates and other items beyond just friends and pages. You can’t do that on the mobile app yet. “I hope but I can’t promise to get that into the 3.1 update,” Hewitt said. “We’re still working on getting that into the API. I’m also hoping to let you save a search to your home screen.”

You can read the full article HERE.

Doug and I were actually just talking about the ability to sync your Facebook contacts to your iPhone so, we were excited to see that feature. Hewitt has also said that he is planning on allowing the ability to hide both people and apps in the News Feed with version 3.1.

Original Tweet “I’m planning to allow hiding of people and apps from news feed in the 3.1 update.”


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  1. How about the ability to watch video?

  2. FriedPinkElephant says

    Save pictures and push is the one i seek!

    However, fb 3.02 is already way better than 2.0 :)