FacebookBirthdays – Receive Push Notifications for Contacts and Facebook Friends’ Birthdays

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FacebookBirthdays FacebookBirthdays is an application that allows you to view Birthdays for both your iPhone contacts and your Facebook friends. The app will also send you push notifications for upcoming Birthdays.

FacebookBirthdays will automatically pull in all your Contact’s Birthdays (no internet connect required) the first time you open the app. In order for the app to pull in all your Facebook Birthdays, you will need to navigate to the Settings option on the lower menu bar and sign into your Facebook account. Once you have signed in, you can Sync and all your Facebook Friend’s Birthdays are pulled in. The process is quick and painless.

The Today & Upcoming option on the lower menu bar displays any upcoming Birthdays for both Contacts and Facebook friends. The All Birthdays option will display everyones’ Birthdays. All Birthdays is broken up into two categories; Address Book and Facebook.

If you tap on a Contact’s Birthday, you have the ability to call them, text them, email them or view their contact info (with the ability to edit their contact info).

If you tap on a Facebook friend’s Birthday you have the ability to write on their wall or view their profile right from within the application.

You will receive a push notification each morning indicating how many friends have Birthdays that day.

If you are looking for a quick and simple way to receive push notification about upcoming Birthdays, this just might be the app for you!



App Store Description:

With PUSH Notifications!!

Have you ever missed your friends’ birthday? Then this app is made for you!
An app that help people remember their friends’ birthday. With Apple’s PUSH Notification service you will get reminded every day how many of your iPhone contacts or Facebook friends have their birthday. Now you will never miss a birthday!

NO internet connection is required for address book contacts.


– Keep in touch with all your friends these you have in your address book and sure those at Facebook (internet connection is required for Facebook friends).

– PUSH Notifications
you will always be the first one sending you friends your greetings

– You can immediately call hem/her , send a sms , write an e-mail and even write on his/her wall at Facebook , all these with a simple click.

– In addition, you will get daily a Budge on the App icon with the number of your friends’ upcoming birthdays.

– Very useful and helpful interface, easy to use.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please email us at info@angistalis.com. We’d like to hear from you.
What’s new

– Fixed contacts syncing
– Fixed Facebook Wall integration

Facebook 3.1 Features

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Facebook Facebook 3.0 has been out for three days and we are already hearing about the features that the 3.1 update will include (actually, we have been hearing about 3.1 since before the 3.0 version was released!). According to an interview with Joe Hewitt, the developer of the iPhone Facebook app, he is working on a few cool new features. Below is an outline of a few of those new features. [Read more…]

iTweetReply – Twitter @ Replies and Direct Message Push Notifications

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iTweetReply I love Twitter and I love push notifications so, you can bet that I love iTweetReply! iTweetReply is an application that will notify you of @ replies and direct messages that you receive via Twitter. This is definitely not a Twitter app replacement, it is a very simple app that has a main function of bringing you push notifications.

When your first open that app, you will get a pop-up telling you that iTweetReply would like to send you push notification.

itweetreply2 itweetreply3
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More Info on Push Notifications

Push NotificationsThe push notifications feature is slowly being released by Apple. Today, both AIM and BeeJive released updates with push notification. It’s great. Right now I have AIM and AP Mobile using the push service and it works great. Even when my iPhone is locked and put away for a while, it pops right up with a noise and message. Very nice. I find something very very important missing from the feature. First, here’s what Apple has to say in it’s “iPhone User Guide”.

This setting appears when you’ve installed an application from the App Store that uses
the Apple Push Notification service.

Push notifications are used by applications to alert you of new information, even when the application isn’t running. Notifications differ depending upon the application, but may include text or sound alerts, and a numbered badge on the application’s icon on the Home screen.

You can turn notifications off if you don’t want to be notified or want to conserve battery life.

Turn all notifications on or off: Tap Notifications and turn notifications on or off. Turn sounds, alerts, or badges on or off for an application: Tap Notifications, then choose an application from the list and choose the types of notification you want to turn on or off.

Now for the missing part. More feature rich notification controls. Right now you can turn on and off the badge, sound and pop ups individually. That’s awesome! But what if I don’t want people IMing me at 3:00am or don’t want news alerts all weekend. I think there needs to be a time control Facebook and Twitter already do this for my text messaging. It’s great! Off at 11:00pm and on at 7:00am. What is Apple’s solution to this? You might think, “Just turn it of when you go to bed”. Well, I don’t want to do that, because what if there is some weather app someday that I have notifications turned on when there is a tornado warning. I’ll want to hear that when I’m sleeping. [Read more…]

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