SBSetting 3.0.9 – Rotation, iPad Integration & New Features

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##ICON_NAME## Yesterday, SBSettings was updated to version 3.0.9-11 and released in BigBoss’s main source. Below is a full change log for the update but, a few of the major changes include rotation, better iPad integration and a few new options.

I was pretty stoked when I heard about the new rotation feature however, it was mostly created for iPad users. When your iPhone or iPod touch is in landscape mode and you swipe to launch SBSetting, it hangs off all weird. You are still able to use the toggles however, you are unable to get to the other options such as More, Refresh, Dock, Respring and Power. BigBoss has said that he does not plan to fix this issue due to the fact that it was basically created for iPad users. However, it can be disabled.
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SBSettings Update – Firmware 3.1 Compatibility Fixes

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SBSettings SBSettings, a mod that adds was updated to version 3.0.5. The update fixes a bug in which the Reboot and Power Off featured did not work on the 3.1 firmware. Check out the full change log below.

Version 3.0.5 Change Log:
– Fixed more app trying to toggle off last dylib in mobile substrate screen clicked an invisible ad.
– Fixed reboot and power off for 3.1 iPhone firmware. [Read more…]

Rotation Inhibitor Update – Turn off Auto-Rotating Feature

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Rotation Inhibitor Today there was an update to Rotation Inhibitor, a SBSetting add-on toggle that allows you to turn of the auto-rotate feature on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The update does a few pretty cool things. It adds the Rotation icon for all the default SBSetting’s themes (which is nice!), it fixes a bug in which the keyboard was not working properly in apps that set their “keyboard orientation manually” and it made the app open-source. It update also added a new feature to the toggle that allows you to set which rotation orientation you would like to turn on. [Read more…]