Trism Update – AppStore

Trism The developer of Trism has posted an update video letting us know what is going on with Trism and what we can expect once it hits the AppStore. Check out the video below.

For more information on Trism and how you can get it on your iPhone now…check out our Trism Page.

Watch “Trism Update” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Apps Not Possible on SDK

BigBoss wrote an article not too long ago about the applications that would not be developed on SDK and not allowed in the AppStore due to Apple’s developing rules. Just to clarify, these applications would not be allowed in the AppStore however, they are available through jailbreaking. They are not harmful to your iPhone or iPod Touch they are just against Apple’s rules for the AppStore. You could still have these application on your jailbroken iPhone. You have to remember that Apple does not allow any application that affect the System files. So, things like Customize, SummerBoard, FontSwap, IntelliScreen, iToday, StatusStyle, MXTube, MyMedia, biteSMS (the list goes on and on) would not be allowed. Also, applications that run in the background would also not be allowed such as; MobileChat, iRadio, Colloquy, PocketTouch and many more. [Read more…]

Switch-It 2.0

Switch-It The only visual change to this application is that it has a new icon. The actual app itself functions the same though, it does seem to switch the icons faster than it did in the previous version but maybe that is just me. Also note that Switch-It is now available through the iSpazio source.

Switch-It 2.0 Switch-It 2.0