News & Happy Father’s Day!

AppleiPhoneSchool If you follow us on Twitter (ahhyeah & bporter) you know that we have spent the week-end traveling…my little sister got married. YAY! But, we are back and will be using today to get caught up.

Also, Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there! We hope that you get to spend the day relaxing and enjoying your family!

Touchpad Pro 4.41

Touchpad Pro The update to version 4.41 of Touchpad Pro adds compatibility for the Turkish language. So, if you speak Turkish…you are good to go! Touchpad Pro is available through the BigBoss source.

Touchpad Pro 4.41

iPhone 3G at WWDC Video Now Available

Visit Apple’s website here:

Happy Memorial Day

Icon Happy Memorial Day from all of us at A special thanks to all the men and women who have served our Country and protected our freedom!

Changing your Boot Logo without Rejailbreaking

Doug decided to give one of the new features of WinPwn 1.0 a try. It is a feature that allows you to change you Boot Logo and Restore Logo without actually restoring/jailbreaking your iPhone. This is how to do it and how it went for Doug.

Note: Your iPhone needs to be pwned to do this.

1. Open WinPwn on your computer.

2. Select the Browse .ipsw option in WinPwn.

3. Select a firmware off of your computer. It has to be an original firmware not one you created using WinPwn. It does not actually use the firmware or do anything with it, you just need to do it to get to the next step.
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First 10 Applications I Installed After Jailbreaking

Here is a list of the first ten applications I installed after jailbreaking. They are in the order I installed them in!

Update: I forgot to mention that my double-tap shortcut stayed as Installer even after the restore so, I did not have to install iPhoneHome or that would have been like number 3 on my list. The same is true for my WiFi and Battery percentages or I would have used Advanced Preferences to change them to percentages.

TimeCapsule1. TimeCapsule.. I installed TimeCapsule so that I could use the back-up file for Installer to change my Installer .plist to the one I had backed-up in TimeCapsule. That way, I didn’t have to re-add all my sources. However, TimeCapsule did not work for me so, I took the .plist from the TimeCapsule back-up and just overwrote my actual Installer.plist and that worked.

BossTool2. BossTool. I used this to relocate my Fonts and Ringtones so that I would not run out of space for my applications. DO NOT relocate the Applications…this has not worked for us for awhile now and messes up every iPhone we have tried it on.
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Happy Mother’s Day

PhotosEveryone here at AppleiPhoneSchool would like to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there! We hope that you will spend the afternoon enjoying your families and spending time with your Mothers! Have a great afternoon!

P.S. Don’t forget to call your Mom!

News Section Update

Our News section has been a little under the weather the last few days…but, it is back to it’s old self now. In the news section, you will find a continuous steam of hand-picked top iPhone News Articles. So, for the most current and up-to-date news about the iPhone…check out our News section (Yes, that was a plug)! :)

New Forum

The new forum is up, just click the forum link at the top of our site, or visit It is still in it’s first stages! We will be adding more categories and features. But, for now, at least we have the forum back!


Not new or updated…just moved!

There have been a ton of apps in the Installer lately that are not actual updates but just apps being moved/added to other sources. This can be slightly confusing because when you see an app in the Recent Packages…you assume it is new or at least an update. That is not always true, it could just have been added to another source. Below is a list of apps that have recently been moved/added to another source but not updated.
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Top Ten Apps

I have been asked, more than once, what my favorite apps are. So, I decided to give it some thought and create a list! I couldn’t get the list down to five…so, below are my top ten apps and why. I did not include BSDSubsystem, OpenSSH, Installer and Customize in the list…I figured they were obvious!! Let me know in the comments what your top five fav apps are!!
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Happy Valentine’s Day

chocolateicon Happy Valentine’s Day!! YAY!! Is anyone getting their special someone an iPhone for Valentine’s Day (maybe a 16 GB)? If it is for a lady, you might want to throw in a box of chocolates and some flowers too! That is something Doug would do…get me something techy on Valentine’s Day! :)

I tried to find some sort of Valentiney icon to put in front of the post but I couldn’t find one! :(

P.S. I totally just made my first icon!!

ZiPhone 1.1.3 ‘True’ jail-break!

Note: New version 1.1 is out for ZiPhone! get it here

I have been MIA for awhile because I messed up a manual install and was forced to upgrade to an unjailbroken 1.1.3. The last few weeks have been long and grey. But I am pleased to announce that a true 1.1.3 jailbreak is upon us!!!

Zibri (his blog here) formally from the Dev team, now works with the ‘elite’ team, has posted the long withheld jailbreak, allowing 1.1.3 otb(out-of-the-box) or otherwise updated 1.1.3 iPhones a VERY easy way to jailbreak and retain all of 1.1.3’s great features! [Read more…]

Macworld and iPhone

We are going to be seeing some changes with the iPhone! Macworld transcript from…starts at the bottom and goes up!

9:35am – “All the same stuff we just heard about on the iPhone — on the iPod touch. Starting today we’re going to build it into every new iPod touch, for existing iPod touch users it’s going to be just a $20 upgrade.” EXCUSE me?! You have to PAY for this? This is SO weak.

“iPod touch, and the iPhone — major software updates. And that’s the second thing I want to talk about.” Big applause.

9:34am – “The iPhone isn’t standing still, we keep making it better and better. That’s the iPhone. But what about hte iPod touch. What can we do for the touch? We decided to add five apps to the touch. Mail, maps, stocks, notes, and weather!” [About freaking time! – Peter]
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And It Begins (13 minutes late!) – Macworld Keynote 2008

YAY for Macworld!! :)