QuickTip – Quickly Lock your iPhone or iPod Touch

It’s time for anther QuickTip! Sometimes, I feel weird even writing about these because they are so familiar to me and I figure everybody already knows them! But, this is actually a tip that Doug showed a man one time while we were waiting to get into a restaurant. So, I know some of you may not know about it!

QuickTip – There is a way to quickly put your iPhone or iPod Touch into “lock” mode without waiting for it to auto-lock on it’s own. To do so, just quickly press the power button (that is the button on the top of your device) one time. Do not hold the power button down (this would turn your device off) instead just give it a quick tap and voilĂ  your iPhone or iPod Touch will lock. [Read more…]

QuickTip – Safari, Tap to Scroll

Well guys, it is that time of the week again…time for a new QuickTip. I only have a few more quick tips for Safari (really basic stuff like; how to stop scrolling and one-tap zooming on pics and columns). If you have an additional Safari tips that you would like to submit…let us know at QuickTip@appleiphoneschool.com.

QuickTip – When in Safari tabbed browsing mode, you most likely switch between web pages by dragging your finger on your iPhone or iPod Touch’s screen. However, there is another way to switch between web pages. The alternative is to tap next to the white dots on the bottom of the screen. If you would like to scroll left, tap to the left of the dots. If you would like to scroll right, tap to the right of the dots. So, if you don’t feel like scrolling…you could always give this a try!

Note: This works on your SpringBoard as well.
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LockDockBar 0.1

Available In: cydia       Price: Free  

LockDockBar LockDockBar is an application that allows you to launch your Phone, Mail, SMS and Calendar apps from your lock screen. When you install LockDockBar, it will automatically add the icons to your lock screen (it does not add an icon for the app to your SpringBoard). You can then launch and use any of the four application right from your lock screen. Once you are finished using any of the apps, you will be brought back to your lock screen. If you select the Home button at any point while using the apps, you will also be brought back to your lock screen. It also displays a badge on the icons (on the lock screen) indicating if you have any missed calls, texts and/or any new email.
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