Apple Releases App Store Guidelines

Apple I’m sure most of you have already heard about the fact that Apple has released their App Store Guidelines (especially since I know you all watched episode 19 of i101!) but, just in case you haven’t I thought I would mention on AiS too. Yesterday, Apple released their App Store Guidlines allowing developers to have a better understanding of how apps are accepted and rejected from the App Store. Below is a list of some of the main guidelines. The entire document contains 113 guidelines each of which are broken down and specifically explained. [Read more…]

Loren Brichter Explains How He Created Tweetie

##ICON_NAME##I used to be a HUGE fan of Tweetie until Tweetie 2. Some of my favorite features were removed like the dark theme and I don’t really like the new retweet feature and the quote feature only lets you use “via” instead of “RT”. Anyway, this is a really kewl video from the developer speaking at Standford University back in May of 2009. It’s a kewl inside view to app developing and more support for why some apps should be paid and not free. Oh, and be prepared, it’s 30 minutes long.

Tweetie 2


Developing an iPhone Application From Scratch

iPhone SDKOk, so I’ve been inspired by recent news articles of people writing iPhone apps and retiring at the age of 25. I figured I might as well try it out. First I’ll give you some background on what I already know, which isn’t a ton. I started programming basic when I was between 5 and 10. Can’t remember exactly but I remember writing my little programs and saving them to a 5.25 inch floppy disk. As things moved on I went through all the versions of Windows but never really wrote anything since Basic until the internet came a long and then started doing html. I did a lot of the basic stuff, a lot of it I still use today and some I probably shouldn’t :) Recently I’ve learned some php and css thanks to WordPress. I’ve always worked with PCs until the iPhone but working with jailbreaking and some of the hacking, I’ve learned the file structure of OS X. [Read more…]

Ad-Hoc & UDID

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

AdHocThere have been a few websites reporting that there was a rumored beta testing program going to be released where developers could give you an app for free to test if you were some kind of reviewer or tester. I was kinda confused because I thought there was already something like this. Then I saw this article from TUAW explaining adhoc and that it was already available.

Here’s how it works. You give the developer your UDID (unique device identifier) and they can compile a zip file of their app with your ID. It will only run on your iPhone. To get your UDID, Erica Sadun made a sweet little app that when ran, opens an email with your UDID and ready to send to the developer, you just need to add their email address. Once the developer send you the app you can just drag it in to the applications section of your iTunes. Developers can do this to up to 100 iPhones. I’m not sure if this is per app or for all apps. [Read more…]

Gizmodo’s App Contest

Gizmodo App Contest Gizmodo is holding a “contest” to find iPhone applications. It includes both AppStore and Installer applications. Here is what they have to say:

You’re proud of the work you’ve put into your iPhone SDK application. Show us what you did. Email your entry to with the subject “iPhone SDK App Contest: Name of App” with the name of your app there. Each entry should include screenshots (as many as it takes to properly illustrate your program) as well as a 1 paragraph description telling us what it’s all about. We’ll showcase the best ones here for the world to gawk at. [Read more…]