Doug’s iPhone – 1st Gen

Updated April 8th @ 11:22pm

Week 9 of 2008
Firmware 1.1.4
Jailbroke using ZiPhone 2.5

My personally customized theme: Doug’s Theme

Apps Installed:

3D Panorama
Brugges Panorama
CubeWorld 0.0.57
Kasteelhof Panorama
Lille Panorama
Rocher-Ploumanac Panorama
Septentrion Panorama

[iPhone Cake]
Lights On

AlohaSoft Graphics
AlohaSoft Source 1.1.4
Aqwoah Battery 1.2
Aqwoah Keyboard (1.1.4)

Apogee LTD Designs
3dee Theme 1.2
Clear Buttons 2.2
Dock Pack 1.2

Apps from
Earth3D 2.112

Danimator’s Repo
“Sticker” SummerBoard Theme 1.2

Jiggy Runtime 0.26

iPhoneLocator 1.1.3c

genesis4iphone 1.0.1
gpSPhone 1.5.0
Guitar Hero 3 1.3
iPac3D 0.0.35
iPhysics 1.1
NetChess 129
iSolitare 0.81
iZoo 1.2
Labyrinth 1.0.5
Lights Off 1.0.2
NES 2.0.5-1
Pool 1.2
psx4iphone 0.2.0
snes4iphone 1.0.0
SuperPong 0.61
Tap Tap Revolution 1.3

Collage 2.0
iBirthday 2.0.2

iFlickr 0.8
Locations 0.3.1

colloQ 0.11
iFob 1.41
smartRSS 1.0

MPG 1.0.1
Sketches 0.6
SpringDial 0.998b

RiP Dev
Apple Screenshot Enabler 1.0
Caterpillar 1.1.1

SOS iPhone
ContactFlow 0.95

All Sources 4.5.41

BSD Subsystem 2.1
Cydia Packager 1.0
Installer 3.01
OpenSSH 4.6p1-2
SummerBoard 3.2

Themes (Customize)
Blank Image Set 0.1
Default Image Set 0.3
Designer Image Set 0.6
Designer Image Set 2 0.1
PackageB Image Set 0.3

10×10 0.1.1
Drummer 1.0
EvolutionRGB 1.0
Flashlight 1.0

MobileChat 2.23

Unlocking Tools
ZiPhone iBrickr Fix 1.0

BossTool 0.35
Capture 0.1.0-3
Converter 0.21
Insomnia 1.0
LocateMe 0.5
Taskbar Notifier 0.9.6-1
TimeCapsule 0.13b4


  1. Is that your contacts on the 3rd picture? How do you add a couple contacts to the springboard?

  2. Hi Doug..
    any chance to review the “iBuilder” or “WinPwn” ?

  3. hey what sources did you use

  4. How do you change the “slide to unlock” to what you want? Your help is much appreciated.
    Kodi Fletcher

  5. At the 4th screen you have a “reader”. where did you get it? :)

  6. hey why do my phone starts turning off and on after i use customize…..
    what should i do ? ? ? so confused and i cant get help from apple because my phone is a hacked version
    HeLp HeLp
    i cant afford buying a new iphone…………..

  7. how do you right on the locked image ?and thanks..

  8. sorry how do you write on the locked image ?and thanks..

  9. dude u have like 200 icons NICE but according to your install list u should have only 70 (less than 100) icons

  10. What app is used to change the battery icon to percent?

  11. how do u arange the iconss

  12. Hi. How come you can have more than 4 icons on dock? I have wanted to do that, but my customize wont let me do it, so i was wondering how you did that.

  13. nice phone Doug. I was wondering if you could create a post area where we could all show off our piece?? might be fun to see some of the different mods and app choices.

  14. look around a little and you get what you want… no posts in that whole forum though, guess I’ll have to work on one.

  15. hi anyone i can”t jet the themes on my phone what should i do?

  16. how do u name the iphone home screen

  17. Sahil Arora says

    what do u have on your iphone now, after wimpwning

  18. hi doug, i loaded springdial on my iphone and it freeze my phone. can i correct this without having to restore my phone and then unlock it again

  19. How can i move my apps around when its in the jailbreak version 1.1.3?Please help! Like how do i move the installer to the main thing like you did?

  20. hey i been trying to get more than 4 icons in the dock tryied downloading kate but i dont know the authorization

  21. Could you tell me the link or source for Danimator’s Repo? I had his Stickies for installer, but I had to recently Restore my Ipod after Trying “Kate.” (I don’t see the source under source page)

  22. I am so thankful for this site. I had my phone about 8 months and wanted to jailbreak it since day one. Every site i read was so unhelpful. I finally broke it yesterday and iam glad i did. Is there a program to change the slider ( lock ) icon to a custom icon i created?
    please let me know thanks

  23. PLEASE help Doug..I can’t be the only one this every happened to…I did a recovery because the last time I did one, some of the apps I had on my phone before where missing from installer…SO everythings going smooth re installing apps I wanted and all of a sudden, I’m in dos mode…all kinds of apple stuff…firmware, hardware, etc..And it won’t go away…I tried re store again in zip and it won’t notice my phone…it will reboot, but then its there again… Every once in a while…it scrolls throught more dos stuff then stops where it was again…What should I do except for throwing it away……Cher

    • dominickc says

      put your phone into recovery mode. first hold the lock button and the home button together till the phone hard boots. Leave the phone off. Push the home button and do not let go. While holding the home button plug in your phone. Do not let go of the home button. First you will see the apple boot logo, if you didn’t let go of the button, in about 10 seconds or so your phone will show the “plug me into itunes” thing. It is now in recovery mode. You should be able to restore from there. Good luck

    • THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH..Thought it was history..Will try when I get Home…Cheryl

  24. I wanted to know if anyone of you have any issues with email not working after you jailbreak the phone. thanks, danny

  25. Hi im looking for an app that allows me to transfer files onto my iphone, specifically music, ringtones and videos, so i dont have to use iTunes. Can anyone suggest a good app, that is free?

  26. @Joe
    also, if u use itunes, set it to “manually manage music and video”
    then you can just drag and drop to the iphone without the length sync. i hate using itunes. I dlownload podcasts using mobilecast app, no itunes.

  27. thanks sami

  28. unfortunately sharepod doesnt detect my iPhone

  29. dling the new version

  30. nick can you please help me on how to get psx and gba on my iphone i have got nes but cant get the other two can you give me an updated way to get thease apps

  31. is it possible to update your jailbroken iphone 1.1.1 to 1.1.4 via installer

  32. hey doug, first off i wanted to say thanks for all the info thats posted on this site. it has helped me out more than you can imagine. i was just curious of where you got the red email icon thats on your iphone. i really like it and wanted to use it as well.

  33. nevermind… i just found your theme in customize right now!

  34. i wanted to jailbreak my iphone 1.1.1 & upgrade the latest version since i came to know about the newer version,but i dont know how so pls anyone of you help me solving my problem

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