What does the iPhone 3G come with?

Well, we are finally getting back into the swing of things after purchasing two new iPhone 3G’s from the local Apple store. The best part of getting a new iPhone is the unboxing…if the packaging isn’t enough to awe over, opening it and seeing your new iPhone definitely is. However, the iPhone is not the only thing that comes in that little black (or white) box. There was some speculation on what accessories would come with the iPhone 3G. Well, here is what you actually get!

When you open the box the first thing you see is the iPhone. After that, is the black info envelope. As with the first generation iPhone, [Read more…]

iPhone 3G Activation Issues

iTunesWe’ll write a longer update later about our morning but while we were at the Apple Store (for 2 hours) there seemed to be a problem with the local network. Employees were scrambling fix routers, airport express and find hard wire cables but then realized it was not a local issues, but a worldwide issues. Both Apple stores and cellular service providers were having issues. Eventually the Apple employees just told me to take it home and activate it.

I stopped by the AT&T store and they were having the same problems. They went to just selling iPhones without activating them and just making sure people were signing up for service. We stopped at a local coffee house/restaurant, Panara Bread, and activated Brooke’s iPhone after about 3 attempts. My iPhone was another story! At the time of writing this article, I was still getting the following error every time I connected my iPhone via USB to our laptop and iTunes:

Live Stream of iPhone 3G Launch

Doug and Brooke are still broadcasting live from the Apple store at Jordan Creek Mall in Des Moines. Video below. For the latest information, scroll down to read the 9:30am update.

Doug and Brooke have their new phones and are on the way back to their house. Soon as they get back, they will be writing more articles and probably start live streaming again.

Streaming is over but here is what was recorded:

Standing in line for iPhone 3G Launch at Apple Store

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AppleiPhoneSchool’s Live Video Streaming and Chat of iPhone 3G Launch

AiS Friday, July 11th Doug and I will be at our local Apple Store bright and early. We will be live streaming the launch of the iPhone 3G starting between 7:30-7:45am CST. You will be able to watch everything from waiting in line to purchasing the iPhone 3G to the unboxing of our new iPhone’s…all live. When you visit AppleiPhoneSchool.com tomorrow morning, the live video feed will be embedded on the front page. We will also be embedding our chat below the live video feed, that way you guys can chat about what is going on. It should be a good time!

Warning – Read This Before Upgrading to Firmware 2.0

App StoreIf you have either a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch, or a unlocked iPhone, DO NOT UPGRADE if you want to keep these features. At the time this article was written and published there is no proof that the new iPhone 3G is jailbreakable or unlockable. As soon as this changes we will let you know. If you are willing to lose these features and want the App Store then you can upgrade like normal through iTunes. If your iPhone is unlocked to a different carrier, upgrading to firmware 2.0 will re-lock your iPhone and it will no longer work. You may be able to downgrade back to 1.1.4 or previous but there is no solid proof this will work yet. [Read more…]

Features of the iPhone Firmware 2.0

20ss1 Whether you decide to update to firmware 2.0 or decide to stay with your jailbroken iPhone….lets go over what features 2.0 will bring.

Apple’s Description: “With the iPhone 2.0 Software Update, your iPhone will do even more. Extend its capabilities with innovative applications you download directly from the new App Store. Get push email, calendar, and contacts from your Microsoft Exchange server at work. And use great new features in Mail, Contacts, and other applications. Free in the next update.”

appstoreAppStore: For me, this will be the best feature of firmware 2.0. Though, if I weren’t purchasing an iPhone 3G (thus forced to update to 2.0) it might not warrant an upgrade…I really like my jailbroke iPhone!

Apple’s Description: “iPhone applications are unlike anything you’ve ever seen on a mobile phone. That’s because they leverage all the groundbreaking technologies in iPhone — like the accelerometer, Multi-Touch, 3D positional sound, and GPS. And they’re only a tap away at the App Store.”

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What You Will Need To Purchase An iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G According to Apple’s website, there are a few things you are going to need to bring with you when you go to purchase your new iPhone 3G. The list is slightly disturbing at best. I remember the good old days when Doug handed the the guy $300 cash and walked out with a 4GB iPhone. Not anymore! Be sure to read the list carefully and make sure you have everything you need. Nothing would be more heartbreaking then getting up to the counter with your iPhone 3G in hand only to realize you need a credit card in order to purchase it! The list applies to purchasing an iPhone at both an AT&T or Apple store.

To purchase and activate iPhone 3G, you need the following:

    • Credit card
    • Social security number
    • Valid government-issued photo ID
    • Current wireless account number and password or PIN (if you’re new to AT&T)
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3G iPhones Arrive at AT&T Stores

The following video shows iPhones arriving at an AT&T store. Notice white iPhones come in a white box.

Ed Baig iPhone 3G Video Review

USA TODAY’s Edward C. Baig reviews the new 3G iPhone on the “Talking Tech” web video show. Baig gives the new iPhone 3.75 stars.

Watch “Ed Baig iPhone 3G Video Review” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Will the iPhone 3G be available near you on July 11th?

Are you still undecided on whether or not you are going to purchase the iPhone 3G? Below is a list of where they will be available on July 11th. Check it out and see if the iPhone 3G will be available in your area…

australia Australia:
Optus – Click HERE for more Info.
Telstra – Click HERE for more Info.
Vodafone – Click HERE for more Info.

T-Mobile – Click HERE for more info.
ONE – Click HERE for more info.
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Walt Mossberg iPhone 3G Video Review

Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal has been testing the iPhone 3G for a couple weeks now and he’s posted a video review so here it is:

Watch “Walt Mossberg iPhone 3G Video Review” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

First iPhone 3G Unboxing Photos

Below are some iPhone 3G unboxing images that were posted in the iphoneportugal.com forum. From the pictures it looks as though it came with a power supply, adapter, headphones and the Information Guide. I wonder if it will come with the microfiber screen cleaner and Apple stickers this time? The worst part is that I still have to wait 2 3 (sorry, I was jumping the gun!) days to get my hands on my new iPhone 3G!!

What To Do With Your Old iPhone

iPhone 3G If you’re not sure what to do with your old iPhone this video might give you an idea. If not, I suggest jailbreaking it and keeping it around. You should be able to run an unlock process and use it as an iPod Touch with a camera, speaker and microphone and run off of Wifi. I’m going to try and use it along with my new iPhone 3G. I’ve already unlocked my current iPhone so all I have to do is swap in my new SIM from my iPhone 3G and I can use my old iPhone on the network. This way I can have a backup if my battery dies and use all the great Installer apps until the iPhone 3G is jailbroke. We know this works now because both of our iPhones are unlocked and we can swap SIMs and the phones work (using the other phone number of course). Let me know in the comments what your plans are for your old iPhone if you’re upgrading.

Apple Stores Open at 8:00am for iPhone 3G Launch

AppleWe’ve known for a little while that AT&T Stores will be open at 8:00am local time on July 11th for the launch of the iPhone 3G but now Apple has released info stating they will also open at 8:00am. If you visit Apple’s Retail site at www.apple.com/retail you will see the info we snagged in the screenshot above. We will be at our local Apple Store pretty early that day to be there for the opening. If you’re not in the US let me know what time your service provider is opening. If you can get a link confirming this we’ll post it in this article.

Apple – 8:00 AM
AT&T – 8:00 AM

Apple’s iPhone 3G Guided Tour!

Apps Apple has released their Guided Tour for the iPhone 3G. The video covers every aspect of the new iPhone 3G. Everything from what the Home Screen is to how to make a call to how the iPhone 3G’s dictionary adapts to the words you type. It covers it all!

You can also watch the What’s New video which gives a quick overview of the new features of the iPhone 3G and firmware 2.0. It is around 10 minutes long.

You can watch and/or download both videos HERE. Enjoy!